Be a part of sail camp

elizsailingSailing at Camp Lookout has always been a big part of our story. With its proximity to Lake Michigan, Camp is located in the perfect setting for offering a learn-to-sail program. Sailing in our small boats happens on Lower Herring Lake where campers have the freedom to learn the art of sailing in a non-competitive, stress-free and safe environment.

As with anything at Camp Lookout, fun is at the core of our sailing philosophy.  Our highly trained sailing instructors work with the campers to develop a program that fits the crew but also the needs of the individuals.

Sail camp is integrated into our two-week sessions at Camp Lookout. Campers enrolled in Sailcopy-of-all_quiet Camp should expect ~30% of their activity periods to be devoted to sailing or sailing work. This means one of the three activity periods each day may be on the water.  This is, however, flexible and each Sail Camp crew work together to determine their schedule.  While not sailing these campers engage in normal camp activities, theme-days, free-time, etc..

We try to give each Sail Camp crew the opportunity to sail on Lake Michigan in our larger 33′ sloop, Lucy.  These campers may also choose to spend an overnight on Lucy while she is docked on Portage Lake in Onekama, MI.

Sail Camp is an additional $250 and can be added to any two week session at Camp Lookout.

What are the goals of Sail Camp?

The Boats you’ll be sailing

  • 5 Laser Sailboats (Windy City, Rusty, Windiana, Posiden and The Jackle)
  • 17′ 6″ Interlake (Windigo)
  • 20′ Melges C Scow (Road Warrior)
  • Catalina Capri 16.5 (Sigrid)
  • Carter 33′ IOR (Lucy)

crystalaire-circle-logo-websiteFrom Lasers to Schooners, we’ve got what you want!

Sail Lake Michigan on the schooner Inland Seas and explore Great Lakes ecosystems through original research and curiosity-driven investigations. Participants will become a fully functioning crew member with responsibilities for all aspects of boat operations, especially management of sails and lines. Work together to chart a course and navigate across open-water to Great Lakes islands. Explore island landscapes, discover impacts of invasive species, participate in microplastics research, and contemplate the rapidly changing Great Lakes ecosystem. Visit Crystalaire Adventures here.

$1,800          Ages 14-17          7 Days         8/02 – 8/08