The Camp Lookout Family

Camp Lookout is part of a family of programs with Camp Carvela, and Crystalaire Adventures. All three programs, which are run by the same team, share the same philosophical foundation but differ slightly in their daily approach. All three organizations focus on experiential learning in supportive communities with an emphasis on creating positive connections. More can be found on our philosophy page

Camp Carvela (Traverse City)

Camp Carvela, Camp Lookout’s sister summer camp, is also a residential summer camp. Carvela is located on Bass Lake in Traverse City, MI. Camp Carvela offers similarly great programming and experiences to Camp Lookout. Camp Carvela, is on beautiful Bass Lake which is home several islands for exploring. Adjacent to Carvela is 500+ acres of virtually untouched wilderness. Not far from the camp’s gates there is a small stand of old-growth trees known as “the giants”. Several of the main buildings are winterized, and we’re in the process of designing new cabins to overlook a peaceful cove of Bass Lake. The camp’s waterfront is nestled on a peninsula where a pair of loons can be seen daily.

The Camp Lookout community has been working with Traverse City Rotary Camps and Services for several years to secure a long-term lease agreement. In spring of 2018, we were able to enter into an agreement with Rotary for the lease of, what was then called, Camp Saki.

Not only does Camp Carvela offer a residential summer program, but it also partners with Crystalaire Adventures to host several school groups who are interested in off-season large group programs. We are excited to see what else will be offered at Carvela year-round in the coming years!

Crystalaire Adventures

Crystalaire Adventures, Camp Lookout’s sister adventure program, is a wilderness-based trips and education program which runs not only in the summer, but year round. Crystalaire works with youth, youth organizations, families and schools to foster a relationship with the outdoors. We accomplish this through fun, inclusive, wild and meaningful experiences.

Crystalaire Adventures’s headquarters, known as Moose Hall, is located on the grounds of Camp Carvela. This space has all the right stuff to host a world-class wilderness trips program.  Crystalaire staff, when not prepping for or on a trip, can be seen playing games and running activities with the campers at Camp Carvela.

To register for a Crystalaire Adventure or to learn more about this program, please go to

The Carvela School (Traverse City)

The Carvela School is designed to enhance our students’ current academic programs. Our co-ed, residential, and inclusive community provides students with the freedom to explore their passions and build life-long friendships.

(231) 299-0005
Summer: Camp Lookout, 1310 Beuna Rd, Frankfort, MI 49635
Winter: Po Box 1129, Frankfort, MI 49635